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We have been asked by the Summit Road Society to let people know that mountainbiking is not welcome on O’Farrells Track, so please stay off this track which runs from Living Springs to Governors Bay.  The Living Springs map has been updated accordingly.


  • Comment by Johnny — December 9, 2009 @ 5:38 pm

    Guess “not welcome” isnt a “do not” which makes me think O’Farrels is maybe a paper road & as such the Summit Road Society has no legal right to tell m/bikers they are not welcome.

    Anyone know if it is in fact a paper road or the history?

    I few years back, instead of dropping down to Gov bay from what most assume is the end of O’Farrels, I continued to follow it through the scrub where it carries on across the valley & exits up near the “S” bend on Dyers pass road….

    Be a great track to tidy for Mbiking & connect it up with Woofs loop track near the Kiwi….

  • Comment by Singletrack — December 9, 2009 @ 8:04 pm

    The Summit Road Society said that it was NOT a paper road, and that as it was maintained by 70+ year olds, didn’t want mountainbikers making more work for them. Maybe in the future it would be possible for some mountainbikers to put their hand up and look after the maintenance in return for access.

  • Comment by graham allan — December 11, 2009 @ 4:21 am

    Hi all – this is a bit of a set back to closer relations with other PH users (I should have got my letters off to them earlier !!) I too am curious as to the status of O’Farrells. A few years ago I had a long chat with one of their volunteers whilst riding through O’Farells – he seemed totally friendly / accepting towards mtbikers – I wonder why that has changed ? Maybe people riding in the wet, or too fast / inconsiderately ??

    Do the SRS realise that this site will be read by only a relatively small number of mtbikers ?? Are they going to put up signs? How else do they plan to get the word out there. I’m sorry that they feel mtbikers do or will contribute to their maintenance load, but we could point to such things as Mt Vernon Track, which is shared use with those on foot having right of way, yet mtbikers have been prominent in maintaining it …..

    I guess this is just an example of why liaison with other PH users will become ever more important for continued or expanded mtbike resource, eg; tracks to ride on.

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