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Crocodile XC MTB Park (Halswell), updated Oct 2020 (9MB)

Living Springs, updated October 2017 – Pines is currently being harvested so that track is closed until further notice.

Crocodile XC MTB Park website

Crocodile XC MTB Park Project (Halswell)

Almost 10 years after the orginal track was built in this park, the Crocodile Track (named after a big Crocodile-like rock in the gully alongside the track), we begun expanding the track network. During 2012 we built C2 in the forest next to Halswell Quarry on Dan van Asch’s land.  It starts at the same place as the Crocodile Track and merges in with the Crocodile again about half way up, just after you exit the forest.  This track has proved to be quite popular with intermediate riders (and walkers and runners!) and was the first of several pieces of singletrack we have built and plan to build on this property to complement the Crocodile Track (and higher up Low Rd and Siberia Tracks). The next track we built was Deviation, on the opposite side of the valley when you emerge from the trees at the top of C2. Work started on this in autumn 2013 and Deviation opened at the end of 2013. In 2015 we built a track in the pines, called Lower Deviation – an extension of Deviation and meets up with C2 and the Crocodile at the cattlestops going into Halswell Quarry.  In 2016 Murphs was built which is a more technical trail that has been very popular. We also tweaked the lower section of Deviation. Also in 2016 Allister started building several lines (Tiga’s, Gorge Rd and Al’s Alternative) in the Crocodile paddock, and tweaked some existing trails like the Low Rd. Winter 2017 saw the start of a series of new tracks and is when we gave the whole expanding trail network the name “Crocodile XC MTB Park”. The first of the new series of tracks being a couple of popular wee gems tucked in behind the noticeboard area (Upload and Download). We then moved on to a new climbing line (Upper Crust) and another decending line (Mish-Mash), both on the slope where Murphs is located, and a descending line (Croc Pot) following the fenceline on the northern boundary of the forest. Following a successful race season during the 2017-18 summer, the focus for 2018 is likely to be around providing more options for race configurations and technical lines on existing tracks. The first task is to extend Upper Crust up to C2 to open up more options for climbing. Mish-Mash is also likely to be extended in 2018 so as to start where Murphs starts. Numerous other ideas are currently being scoped out and considered. All of this is done with volunteer labour – if you would like to be involved please click on the “join our trailbuilding team’ link in the right hand menu.