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Welcome to the website for the Christchurch Singletrack Club, a club for mountain bikers interested in racing, trailbuilding, finding others to ride with, and supporting the mountain bike community.  Check out the calendar where you will find a listing of most mountainbike events.

Club Overview

The Christchurch Singletrack Club generally holds 3 short track races in spring, 3 mini-XC races in early summer, 3 hillclimbs in late summer, a cross country race in early autumn (for the last couple of years this has been the Port Hills Classic), cyclocross races in the winter and has a midwinter social function.  Rides are organised informally through the facebook rides page, or members can join the Canterbury MTB Club on one of their rides.  The club has a strong contingent of competitive junior riders.  Some years we have hosted a round of the national cross country mountainbike series. Aside from all of that, club members are actively involved in numerous trailbuilding projects on the Port Hills, at Halswell and Living Springs as well as financially supporting other trailbuilding initiatives around Canterbury.

Why join the Christchurch Singletrack Club?

Your membership fee helps fund tracks that you get to ride on
Your membership adds weight to submissions we make on mountainbike issues
You get to participate in exclusive fun low key club races
You get a discount on club organised public events
You are supporting CyclingNZ/MTBNZ as they advocate for mountainbiking at a national level
You get access to special deals see
The Christchurch Singletrack Club builds and maintains the Living Springs trails,  contributes to building and maintenance of the Port Hills trail network including Halswell, runs a variety of events (both social and racing) and supports elite riders in the club at it’s discretion.

The Christchurch Singletrack Club began in July 2009 to consolidate and formalise existing trail building activities, to run club style events and to give Christchurch mountainbikers a voice. We would love you to join us.


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The Christchurch Singletrack Club is affiliated with MTBNZ/CyclingNZ.


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For internet banking or bank deposits the club bank account number is 03-1355-0659108-01 (SBS).

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