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Crocodile XC MTB Park (Halswell), updated August 2017 (opens pdf)

Living Springs, updated October 2016 (opens pdf)

Living Springs

Living Springs is a scenic drive from Christchurch and looks down Lyttelton Harbour from the head of the bay.     The most direct route from Christchurch is to head up Dyers Pass Rd and drive over the Port Hills to Governors Bay. Continuing through Governors Bay, follow the road around the harbour to the right for 3.5 km. Just past where the road gets down to sea level (Allendale) is the Living Springs Farm Park where the tracks leave from.   Google map here  (right click on Living Springs and select directions to here and type in where you are coming from).

Living Springs is usually closed in early spring for lambing.

In 2016 we celebrated 10 years from when we first began digging at Living Springs. We also created a new section of singletrack in Totara Gully which means you now do not need to climb up the steep 4WD track. Further work is planned for approx 2018 in what will then be another newly established reserve.


Details of upcoming sessions are emailed to our database. If you would like to be notified, please email us to be added to the list.  Addresses below.


On the Port Hills we are working towards seeing the gaps in the Crater Rim network filled in, more intermediate level trails provided (e.g. Montgomery Spur circuit), and some more climb-able trails created to access the Port Hills, as well as continue with the ongoing maintenance of existing trails.

At Halswell (van Asch farm) we are extending the current netwrok of trails, as well as continuing with the ongoing maintenance of existing trails. The focus here is to develop a variety of XC trails for general riding, whilst at the same time create a great wee race venue.

At Living Springs we have improved the existing loop by creating the Totara Gully tracks and hope to do more in future when other areas are destocked and turned into planted out reserves.

Click here to see Diary of work undertaken and Hall of Fame for Living Springs