Singletrack Club


Tuesday Evenings – 14 Nov, 21 Nov, 28 Nov, 5 Dec 2017

A low key series of multi-lap races for members of the Christchurch Singletrack Club, but non-members are welcome to participate. Simply turn up on the night, grab a number, write down your details and be ready to listen to the race briefing. At each event there will be three races, one for the fast guns, one for the sport riders and one for those who ride at a more leisurely pace.


The course, which uses C2, Deviation and part of the Crocodile Track, is approx 2.5 km long and is almost all singletrack.  This year we will aim to have a few extra sections for the Elite/A Grade race.

This is subject to change but it will be something like this for the Elite/A Grade race:
Week one – basic loop
Week two – basic loop + Upper Crust and Murphs
Week three – basic loop + Download and Upload
Week four – basic loop + Crocodile through the trees and Croc Pot

2017 Mini-XC course map  (click for large version)


briefing 6:25 pm, start 6:30pm, 5 laps
(winning time of around 28 minutes)

A grade
briefing 6:25 pm, start 6:30pm, 4 laps
(winning time of around 25 minutes)

B grade
briefing 7:15 pm, start 7:20 pm, 3 laps
(winning time of around 23 minutes)

B2 grade*
briefing 6:55 pm, start 7:00 pm, 2 laps
(winning time of around 23 minutes)

C grade*
will race with B2 grade but only do 1 lap

*need to do your 1 or 2 laps within 25 minutes.


Christchurch Singletrack Club members: Entry is by donation, with donations going towards the development of more trails.

Non members: a fee of $10 applies.  If you would like to become a member see the information on how to join the club.


There will be no first aid on site. Ride accordingly.

The closest toilets are in the Halswell Quarry picnic area 5 minutes walk away.
Races will be cancelled if raining or if the tracks are too wet.

For more info email


Results from each round will be posted on Facebook and on the club’s website results page


The races will start in the dog exercise area at Halswell Quarry adjacent to the cattlestops. You can access this by riding to the start of the Crocodile and C2 Track from the Cashmere Road carpark, or come in from the carpark next to Findlay’s Picnic Area – ride down the gravel track to the dog exercise area.