Singletrack Club
  • Crocodile Summer Series

Tuesday 4 February – Mini XC

6:20 pm Elite/A Grade – 3/2 laps Download + Core loop + Elegator-Spurious/Off the Cuff + Upper Crust-Murphs
7:05 pm C/D Grade – 2/1 laps core loop
7:30 pm B Grade – 2 laps as for A Grade but first lap goes down C2 rather than Download and doesn’t do Elegator-Spurious/Off the Cuff loop

(Note, this map has changed from what was originally uploaded)

Click here for a full map for week one

Tuesday 11 February – 90 minute Solo/Relay

Restricted to Elite, A and B Grade riders.
Do as many laps as you can either solo or in a team of 2 as a relay. No new laps can be started after 90 minutes. NOTE: If you only want to do one lap that is absolutely fine!

Course is close to the full 2019 SIXCO course (so shorter than the original proposed course we advertised). This is an experiment to see if it would be feasible to hold a longer relay event here.
6:15 pm start

Click here for a full map for week 2

Tuesday 18 February – Reverse Enduro

Registration will be near the start of the first climb from 6:15 pm. Time trial starts on stage one from 6:30 pm – 7:15 pm . Riders start in 30 second increments.

Stage 1 – Upload + Crocodile
Stage 2 – Elegator
Stage 3 – Upper Crust
Stage 4 – C2 + Crocodile to the start of Kennedy’s Bush Track
Potential Stage 5 – BONUS – a timed run down Crocodile + Deviation + Lower Deviation (TBC)
Stages 1 – 4 will be used to determine the club hillclimb champions for 2020

Click here for a full map for Week 3

Tuesday 25 February – Cross Country

This race will be used to determine the club champions for 2019/2020

6:15 pm Race 1 Elite (4 laps), A Grade (3 laps) and B Grade (2 laps) – using a modified SIXCO course (but doesn’t use C2 and uses the top section of Uppercrust – see the map below)
7:15 pm Race 2 B Grade (4 laps), C Grade (3 laps) and D Grade (1 lap) – using just the Core Loop

B Grade can choose which course they ride – there are just two races to allow them to be longer than usual.

Click here for a full map for week 4


If you have raced in one or more of the races prior to Christmas, DO NOT register again. If you didn’t head here and fill in your details –

Entry is by donation if you are a member of the Christchurch Singletrack Club, otherwise $10 per race. For membership info see