Building the Vulcaniser Course
Over 4km of trails at the Vulcaniser have been hand built, the majority of it through native forest. This was a slow yet very rewarding task, and the course is only as good as it is due to the help of many, many people. We would like to acknowledge the fantastic support we have had from the following riders who have helped build and improve the Vulcaniser course from 2003 till 2007 (some on numerous occasions): James Costello, Logan Horn, Michelle, Corinne, Paul Cooper, Anton Cooper, Aaron Allen, Ben Thomas, Justin Ryan, Rob Soothill, Richard Craig, Michelle de Silva, Chris Harte, Cameron Smailes, Mike McPhillips, Shailer Hart, Lisa Carter, the late Tom Barnfield, Daniel Barnfield, Katrine Lawton, Greg Morehouse, Neil Sutherland, Scott Pearson, Andy Merrylees, Dan Merrylees, Chris Fisher, Aaron Clark, Dayle McLauchlan, Robyn Graham, Ryan Scott, Kerry Mulligan, Lyndon Matthews, Gavin Williams, Glen Sanders, Jason McCrystal, Dan Dollimore, Anthony Lister, Jason Blair, Jason Hill, John Thompson, Andy Evans, Michael Sanders, Emma Bradley, Neil McKeegan, Frances Barnfield, Mark Ogier, Colin Dodge, Simon Scoltock and Dave Laurie. Thanks HEAPS guys!

In May 2007, those who were on our trackbuilding list were invited to spend the weekend at the Vulcaniser Course - trackbuilding on Saturday and riding on Sunday. The weather was amazing and the track was as dry as it was at the Nationals in 06. We built a new entrance to the Slimline so it flows really nicely off the 4WD track now and we improved the Slimline by widening some track, taking out a few trees to improve visibility and improving some of the berms. We also widened a little bit of Lovers Lane but the soil was so hard and dry we didn't make as much progress as we would have liked to. In October a group of us went back up for another dig and ride weekend. We finished widening Lover's Lane, did a few other improvements around the course and started to build a new forest trail that avoids the last 'sheep track' climb up the last bit of The Spur. This section of track was named the Dodgy Bit after Colin Dodge and when this was finished we decided to not build any new tracks here. Since this time we have just visited the Vulcaniser prior to each race to get it back into excellent condition.

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