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Living Springs track condition

6 February 2012: Tree cleared in pines

24th October 2011:  We repaired the bridge that the rain on Wed 19th October washed out.  The other bridge where the water had been dammed and flowing over the track has washed away a lot of the soil and the edge of the track is fragile so take extra care in those areas.  I think there is still a tree down in the Pines and it may be at least a week before it is cleared but people were riding around so it must be passable.   Due to potential rockfall the track down from the Summit is closed.

June 2011: The main riding circuit is in good condition apart from a small spring-fed boggy patch in the Pines that we will keep working on. As we are now getting into the wetter months it would be appreicated if you did not ride the trails when they are wet.

We are also working on making the main parking area to access the trails to be at the Farm Park down on the main road rather than Bamfords Rd. This involves making up and installing a few cattlestops and some new fencing so will take a wee while. We will keep you updated as progress is made.

Please remember that the track down from the Summit Road is CLOSED due to large rockfalls and may be closed for a long time as there are numerous rocky areas above the track that are very unstable.

February 2011: The track is in excellent condition following the NZ MTB Cup race.

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